CATS College Boston

CATS Academy Boston combines the experience and values of a traditional American boarding school with a new, state-of-the-art campus. The main building offers outstanding spaces to develop and nurture creative independent thinking.

The campus covers more than 20 acres and features: 43 classrooms including 6 language labs, 6 wet and 3 dry science labs, 7 music rooms, 3 art studios, an experimental theatre space known as the ‘Black-Box’, a large study area and student lounge, a business lab and a fashion lab.

for International Students

  • All boarding accommodation is on the campus grounds. You can choose to share a room or have your own bedroom and bathroom. There are 5 residences, which have 449 single and shared rooms.
  • Each residence has a social area for you to get together with your friends and relax. We’ve invested over $1m into campus security so you feel safe and secure at all times.
  • If you wish to leave the campus overnight or leave the Boston area you can request an exeat from the Attendance Coordinator – this will allow you to explore other parts of the U.S.
  • CATS Academy Dining serves culturally diverse menus, featuring traditional favorites, ethnic dishes and international flavors. Chefs and dieticians offer nutrition education programs and wellness events throughout the year to ensure you stay fit and healthy. They also accommodate special dietary needs in a personalized, sensitive manner.
  • CATS Academy has chosen to offer homestay as a housing option as it offers you the opportunity to be a part of the local community and experience daily life in a new culture.
  • The CATS Academy homestay program is mutually beneficial for both students and their hosts. The program places an emphasis on the importance of the homestay component to a student’s international educational experience.

Living IN
CATS College Boston

Twenty minutes from downtown Boston, CATS Academy’s proximity to the metro­politan area provides an extension to our campus. You can take part in a wide range of academic, athletic, and social experiences across the city and at many of the top universities and colleges. Find space to relax and socialize in one of the dorms’ student lounges, play volleyball or basketball in the spacious gym or frisbee, and football on the athletic fields outside the main building.

You can even go further afield – just 10 minutes away from a major local shopping mall, and 10 miles to local beaches and the historic heart of downtown Boston. On the weekends, CATS Academy Boston runs free student shuttle buses from the campus to the local T station in Braintree, as well as the local shopping mall, South Shore Plaza, giving you lots of opportunity to explore the local area.


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