Skyline is located on the border of Sharjah and Dubai which strategically occupies 40 acres of land in University City of Sharjah. Beyond its expertise and established identity in the education sector, Skyline takes pride of its faculty members with exceptional teaching skills. Faculty members at Skyline holds a Doctorate Degree and have done numerous researches and case studies locally and internationally.

Skyline boasts a diverse community of more than 60 nationalities from around the world. Over the years, Skyline has witnessed students’ profound growth in their social framework by means of constant interaction and involvement with various school activities inside and outside the campus. As a result, students are immersed in a socially and culturally unique environment which enables their ability to absorb information from different perspectives.

Master’s Degree Programs

  • MBA Emphasis on E-Governance: MBA Emphasis on E-Governance provides an opportunity for the students to learn the theories, practices, and skills relating to E-Governance and take initiatives for exploring new dimensions of E-Governance.
  • MBA Emphasis on Finance: The MBA with Emphasis on Finance equips students to acquire specialized skills and knowledge in understanding and analyzing financial transactions and related activities of an organization as well as to make effective and ethical financial decisions related to the same.
  • MBA Emphasis on Marketing: MBA Emphasis on Marketing covers a wide spectrum of marketing functions such as advertising, consumer behavior, supply chain management and international communications.
  • MBA Emphasis on Strategic Management and Leadership: The MBA with Emphasis on Strategic Management and Leadership focuses on providing knowledge, skills and competencies to become a strategic leader in corporate, private or government organizations
  • MBA Emphasis on Human Resource Management: The MBA with Human Resources Management prepares students to play an important role in managing the human resource requirements of an organization.


Sharjah is a United Arab Emirates city on the Arabian Gulf. Traditionally more conservative than its southern neighbor, Dubai, Sharjah is widely considered the nation’s cultural capital. Its Heritage Area is on the creek that the city first developed around, with restored homes and museums devoted to Emirati customs. It’s also home to Sharjah Fort, a 19th-century royal residence turned local history museum.