United Arab Emirates

Booming Economy

The UAE has experienced huge economic development and social transition since its establishment as a country in 1971. With its central location on the global map, and its booming and diverse economy, the UAE offers an exhilarating range of attractions, including innovative architecture, man made islands, desert safaris, amusement parks and indoor skiing. Visiting students will never be bored!


Culturally Diverse

Students can continue their studies in a high-quality, educational environment, while experiencing true internationalization in every sense of the word. The incredible diversity of nationalities within the UAE exposes students to a wide range of cultures from across the Arab/Islamic world and beyond.




Student Benefits

Public transportation in the UAE  often offer special rates for students. Various discount programs are also available both within and outside of universities. In addition to the wide range of in-country activities, students in the UAE also make use of its central location to travel around to nearby countries such as Kenya, India, and Jordan.

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