Studying in Hungary

Hungary is well-regarded for its medical schools and dental schools, many of which offer tailored programmes for foreign students. Across all academic disciplines, there are hundreds of study programmes in English available for international students. Those degrees follow the European Bologna scheme and are recognized across Europe and elsewhere around the world.


Living Costs

Living costs in Hungary are comparatively low. They are naturally slightly higher in the bigger cities such as Budapest with rents starting at round 300 Euro per month. You should be able to get by with approximately 750 Euro per month allowing enough for not just rent but also public transport, health insurance, study materials etc and even allowing for a few nights out.


Vivid Nightlife

The vivid Nightlife in Budapest are famous worldwide. From the Szimpla kert with its unique atmosphere, throughout the friendly Morrisson’s dance bar to the huge high-end clubs like the white angel and Studio club, Budapest’s night life and student parties in Hungary are a constant rush!

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