Girne American University provides American Education Model to the students with a mission of innovative, success oriented and technologically compatible academic programs to be one of the most important universities in the world. GAU is an international university which conveys important messages to the world about its international campuses, academic programs, public oriented projects and also higher education system.

The American University is dedicated to making American model learning opportunities accessible throughout life and to making them challenging and relevant to a diverse population of young adults. Its aim is to make possible an education that is at the same time both accessible and excellent. It does this through exceptional management of the University operations and resources, innovative delivery systems, student services and relevant programmes that are learner-centered, success-oriented and responsive to technology.

As GAU has matured, the University has recognized that it cannot succeed without a sense of community. This it strives to achieve by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, openness, honesty and attentiveness to the core values. The University has made significant progress in creating such a community among its members and it has thereby created opportunities for students to gain an appreciation of their own role in the community by building experience at national and local and international level.

Faculties and Schools

  • Faculty of Engineering includes 7 departments; Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering.
  • Faculty of Business & Economics
  • Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Communication
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Graduate School of Science & Technology (Engineering Master & PhD Programs)
  • Graduate School of Social Sciences (Master & PhD Programs)
  • School of Applied Sciences
  • Marine School
  • Nursing School
  • School of Sport and Recreation
  • School of the Performing Arts


Kyrenia (Girne) is the most wonderful town in Cyprus, attributable to its beguiling harbor, relentless Venetian palace, and a scenery of sharp and rocky mountains. It even has a lovely atmosphere, obligingness of those mountains, which bring cooler air and a greener scene than in whatever remains of Cyprus. Following an extensive time of road improvement and street works, Girne is currently a simple city to explore – the fundamental approach street from the motorway closes in a focal indirect which is alongside the principle square Belediye Meydani and an expansive auto stop. It’s likewise the fundamental open transport center. From this circuitous, the city’s two principle roads travel east and west. Notwithstanding street changes, the entire downtown area and harbor territory have been cleaned up, with mess expelled, structures painted and avenues cobbled or piece cleared. Girne is a place that all guests to the island should endeavor to take in, for the day if not longer.

Aside from the harbor and the palace, there’s much else concealed away among Girne’s precarious serpentine back roads. The Anglican Church, the Cafer Paşa Camii, the Ottoman Cemetery and the Chrysopolitissa Church bear witness to the profound existence of the town, the modest Folk Art Museum and Icon Museum to its social life, and the Bandabuliya together with a large group of shops to its business side. At long last, Girne’s various bistros and eateries offer the chance to eat, drink and associate with agreeable local people, or simply appreciate the perspectives and the opportunity to human watch in comfort.

Population: 20,851 (as of 2011)


GAU (Girne American University) has three dormitories for students, two for females and one for males all within easy reach of the campus. There are many buses for students to use to get them to and from the university, dormitory and the local town centre from early morning until 9pm.

The dormitories are all cleaned and maintained to a high standard with security and the latest technology.

  • Gordon Bennet – Female  Dormitory
  • Knowledge Village – Female Dormitory
  • Univercity Complex – Male Dormitory
  • Elysium Court Girls Residence

There is bus service to the city center and to the residence hall and there is a community garden for resident`s use. Residents are responsible for the cleaning of their own rooms.