Why Choose Dublin

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is a thriving city of Old World habits and New World convenience. Castles and medieval archaeology sites sit side-by-side with Chinese take-away and boutiques in the city center. This is part if Dublin’s charm. Thousands of students come to study in Dublin every year because of the history, the music and the architecture.

International Student Support

It is very rare to find a program or university/college without a fantastic support network for abroad students. If you find yourself needing help with anything or overwhelmed, they will almost always have an answer and someone you can talk to about it. Dublin is also home to a large number of expats, so you might want to check for expat hang-out spots in your neighborhood. Sometimes even sitting in a tourist spot, surrounded by the accents and habits of home can be comforting.

Culture and Immersion

The Irish are a very welcoming people, though they won’t stand fools or rudeness. The accents range from crystal clear to understand all the way to being practically a foreign language. Ireland is a great place to live and study especially if you have any interest in any art form. Irish culture is full of dance, music, art, and literature. And if you like history, any Irishman will be more than happy to tell you about it. Just be prepared: no one tells a story quite the way an Irishman tells a story. You’ll be there a while enjoying yourself.

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