Why Study in Belarus

Tucked below Lithuania, Russia, and Latvia and bordered by Poland and Ukraine, this former Soviet country is often (undeservedly) overshadowed by its more notable neighbors. The advantage to studying Russian in Belarus is that it’s much less expensive in comparison to countries like Russia and Latvia.

As Belarus used to be a part of Soviet Union, their education now is conducted in two main languages: in Belarusian and in Russian. However, English programs are also available in many universities. Even though education is free only for local students, the tuition fees are not very high and they vary from 800 USD to 1750 USD per year. The Belarus itself is a country with low prices: the Belarusian ruble is one of the 10th cheapest currencies in the world.

Belarus is known for the good level of medicine, again, with a reasonable price. In addition, the Belarusian medical universities offer interesting education in medicine with affordable prices.

Top 3 Reasons to study in Belarus

  • Lower prices for education than in most other European countries
  • A huge number of resorts, sanatoriums, wild parks and reserves to visit
  • Country is pleasant to live in because of clean streets, good roads and friendly people

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