Welcoming Environment

International students should expect a safe and welcoming environment from people who accept visitors with open arms. The cultural diversity is interesting too, with modern and old historical classical architecture competing for space with modern architecture. the country’s educational system is well-organized and known internationally to be of high quality.

Education System

As Belarus used to be a part of Soviet Union, their education now is conducted in two main languages: in Belarusian and in Russian. However, English programs are also available in many universities. Even though education is free only for local students, the tuition fees are not very high and they vary from 800 USD to 1750 USD per year. 


Cost of Living

Living expenses vary by lifestyle but are generally low when compared to other European countries. Students can expect between 200 and 300 USD per month. Many higher education institutions in Belarus provide accommodation to students on campus. Off-campus accommodation is also available for students in Belarus, between 300USD and 600 USD depending on the location.

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