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B&S Education represents institutions in different countries, which includes USA, UK, Canada, U.A.E., South Africa, Malaysia, India, etc.

You are advised to apply as soon as you make up your mind and you have a sponsor to finance your education. Because of visa application,4 months before the start date is recommended.

Your sponsor is the one to pay for your tuition fee and cost of living while you are studying abroad. It is important that he/she is aware and prepared to make necessary payments as at when due and involvements from the initial stage of your application will prepare him/her and put your mind and your counselor’s at rest.


This depends on the country, for instance to study in Canada is cheaper than studying in the UK, while studying in U.A.E. is cheaper than studying in Canada. However you should keep in mind that apart from tuition fees, you need to budget for your living expenses which includes accommodation, feeding, clothing, books, transportation etc.

Some institutions do require deposit payments from students and this shows your commitment and genuineness in studying abroad. The deposit will be refunded in the case of visa rejection.

Usually you make deposit after you have received an offer from the institution.The amount of deposit to be made is usually stated in the offer letter.