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At B & S Education, we specialize in guiding and placing students into various widely recognized accredited universities, focusing on getting you an international education, so you can focus on learning.

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Our Services At A Glance

Professional assistance for international education placements, based on what your needs are while considering your financial situation, academic or career goals. We make sure that you submit a competitive application and give you the best chance of getting accepted.

Choice of Institutions

Upon submiting, we assess academic records, extracurricular activities and standardized testing scores to help identify the best academic institution for clients while considering your choice of institution and program as we strive to satisfy all of our clients.

Application Process

We process all applications as soon as payment is received to avoid missing deadlines. Information obtained from clients is used to help with every phase of the application process. We will continue to liaise with our partner institutions and ensure a successful application.

Visa Services

We provide guidance and advice on the visa application process for various countries. We offer mock / prep interviews to help prepare for the actual interview where an interview is required, assisting in preparations and submissions of study permit applications where applicable.

Our University Partners

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Got Interest in Migrating Abroad? we’re here to streamline your visa process.

What we're About
Here at B&S Education

We’re an International Educational consultancy firm, providing top class Admission processing services to our clients that are willing to study abroad. With study destinations including recognized and accredited universities in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, New Zealand, our goal is to provide prospective African international Students the opportunity to study abroad.

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B&S E-Study Centre

B and S E-Study center is comprised of a group of professionals, assisting and guiding students ages 16 – 22 who require additional instruction or revision of premedical subjects, and in English language, putting them on the right track to becoming Medical University Students.

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