- Counseling students to realize their interest, and   what to achieve for their future.

- Assisting students to obtain better knowledge of   education, culture, weather, food, cities, and   transportation in other countries.

- Assisting students to choose schools, colleges, and   universities

- Assisting students to enroll for Languages schools,   GCSEs, A- level, Degree Foundation, Colleges,   undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

- Assisting students when applying for student visa.

- Assisting students for flight bookings and airport   pick- up.

- Assisting students for Guardianship &   Accommodation (Homestay, Apartment or Boarding).

                                                         - Keeping regular contacts with students through                                                             e mails, cards and special events.

more services

Tailored Made Courses
We offer course that are targeted at meeting the need of a particular private or public organisation. we address challenging issues faced by different organisations.
Seminars and Workshops
This entails an interactive session, Q&A session, oral and practical activities, also measuring the impact made on participants by awarding certificates based on 80% attendance and test score..
Career Talk and Counseling

The Nigerian youths are sometimes confused about the course to study and would usually end up studying a course that has nothing to do with their ambitions and aspirations.

Vocational courses /Skill acquisition programs
We offer various skill acquisition programs and vocational courses to keep the unemployed, interested persons and students on vacation occupied, productive and financially independent.